2023 Poster Presentations

The following projects from the Fall 2023 semester will be presented at the symposium this year. Projects designated “C” are Course-directed research projects. Projects designated “I” are Independent research projects. Abstracts for the projects can be found at the links provided above.

AuthorsAdvisor and Dept.Project TitleType
1Taylor NicholsonDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyHow Gear Selection Influences Fallfish and Bluegill Catch in Alum Spring ParkC
2Taylor Nicholson, Jenny Vuong, Kaitlin Butler, Joshua RoweDr. Abbie Tomba, BiologyFlow rate effect on Parasitism in the Rappahannock RiverC
3Aisling Berrios, Jenny Vuong, Cyrus RamseyDr. Lynn Lewis, BiologyAntiviral Effects of Chlorpromazine Against NDV in BHK-21 CellsC
4Anna Velardi, Faith Jones, Audrey TurnerDr. Melanie Szulczewski, Earth and Environmental SciencesExamination of the Potential Health and Ecological Impacts of the Total and Bioavailable Concentrations of Harmful Metals in Some Kingston, Jamaica, Surface SoilsI
5Jessie Mills, Analisa Ayala, Yamila MeridaDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyThe Relationship Between CRISPR-Cas9 Dop2R Gene Knockout and Climbing Velocity in Drosophila melanogasterC
6Jessie Mills, Kinsey BrotmanDr. Lynn Lewis, BiologyAntiviral Effects of Echinacea purpurea on NDV in BHK-21 CellsC
7Carter BusseyDr. Matthew Fleenor, PhysicsObservation and Interpretation of Exoplanetary Light CurvesI
8Katherine LauderbaughDr. Varun Makhija, PhysicsRotational dynamics of nitromethane using the random phase quantum state modelI
9Anias SaundersDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyThe Influence of Food Availability on Dietary Preferences in Little Black Ants and Carpenter AntsC
10Eliana Ramirez, Rosie Stewart, Noah Smith, Anias SaundersDr. Abbie Tomba, BiologyTrematode parasite prevalence in Elimia virginica snails based on water depthC
11Evelyn Buehren, Charlotte RussellDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyAnalyzing the Relationship Between Oxidative Stress Levels and SOD1 Using Drosophila Melanogaster Relating to ALSC
12Charlotte RussellDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyThe Effect of Myoglianin Knockdown on DM1 Symptoms in Drosophila MelanogasterI
13Rachael Harrington, Meghan PontonDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyRural vs. Urban Species Abundance and Richness in Eastern VirginiaC
14Abigail GlennDr. Laura Sipe, BiologyExamining the therapeutic efficacy of chemotherapy in combination with methionine restriction in breast cancer cells.I
15Alan Fletcher, Caitlin Moore, Ellie ShanahanDr. Abbie Tomba, BiologyThe Relationship Between Runoff Nitrogen and Periphyton Biodiversity in the Rappahannock River.C
16Kylie SteffenhaganDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyEffect of Food Source Nutritional Content on Little Black Ant Foraging BehaviorC
17Samantha Schwarting, Arshpreet Brar, Orianne Mbuyi Mujinga KazadiDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyMBNL1 Downregulation Affects Celf1 mRNA Decay by Alternative Splicing and PolyadenylationC
18Caeley Terapane, Tyler Michael, and Melissa GarciaDr. Lynn Lewis, BiologyThe Antiviral Effects of Elderberry Extract on Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV)C
19Samuel SlateProf. Rebecca Callaway, MusicGuitar Effects SynthesizerI
20Rebecca BakerDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyDoes the amount of rain effect the number of fish caught each year in alum spring?C
21Jaylyn Long, Tyler Lowe, Rose McMullenDr. Lynn Lewis, BiologyThe effect of Matricia chamomilla on Newcastle Disease Virus on BHK-21 cellsC
22Madeline Brunt, Bonnie Butler, Rose McMullenDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyKnockdown of Pvr and its Relation to DM1 Muscle Wasting in DrosophilaI
23Summer OrledgeDr. Ben Kisila, Dr. Tyler Frankel, Earth and Environmental SciencesEvaluating Sedimentary Trace Metal Contamination, Bioaccumulation, and Fish Species Diversity Near A Virginia Coal Ash RepositoryI
24Paul James SolisDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyTemporal changes in day-night distribution of animal taxaC
25Lordina Agyekum, Arianna Chase, Marion Robinson Dr. Lynn Lewis, BiologyUsing Different Concentrations of Ginger Root Extract derivative to Test the Effect on Encephalomyocarditis Virus in BHK-21 cells as a Pre-treatment, Co-treatment, and Post-treatmentC
26Tyler Downs, Eleni Kepler, Raesa ZiaDr. Swati Agrawal, BiologyCytotoxicity of Phage Jabberwock and Phage Atlee ProteinsI
27Samuel Gibbins Brown, Samuel Preston TreveyDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyPredicting Fish Populations: Do Longer Fish one year Predict More Fish the Next year?C
28Delaney BaratkaDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyThe role of the Pvr signaling pathway in Drosophila muscle phenotypesI
29Ciara Donnangelo and Delaney Baratka Dr. Lynn Lewis, BiologyThe Effect of the Bloodroot Alkaloid, Sanguinarine, on Newcastle Disease VirusC
30Boone FleenorDr. Joe Nicholas, Geography;
Dr. Matthew Fleenor, Physics
Fluid Dynamic and Water Flume DesignI
31Harrison MilesDr. Dianne Baker, BiologyIn planta gene expression by the fungal endophyte Beauveria bassiana in Glycine maxI
32Dewey SnyderDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyEffect of Different Fishing Methods on Various Species of Fish over TimeC
33Willa Clore, Alexis MillerDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyThe Effect of Apc/Apc2 KO on Drosophila melanogaster Colorectal Tumor GrowthC
34Jessica Oberlies, Ainsley Lord, Sophia AustinDr. Pamela Grothe, Earth and Environmental SciencesEvaluating the Geochemistry from Coral Species Hydnophora Microconos as a Reliable Proxy for Tropical Pacific ClimateI
35Hunter GarnettDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyMammal’s Recorded on Trail Cameras in Relation to Distance from Human HabitatsC
36Owen Reilly, Nathan Terrell, Peyton GarstDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyThe Effect of GlyS Over-Expression on Drosphila melanogaster Exercise ToleranceC
37Gabriel MorrisProf. Rebecca Callaway, MusicElectric Guitar DesignI
38Tim PhilbeckDr. Parrish Waters, BiologyAn Inquiry into the Validity of the Tube Test as a Measure of Dominance in MiceI
39Daniel PaluhDr. Desmond Villalba, PhysicsAcceleration of gravity on a flat EarthI
40Mason ClarkDr. Varun Makhija, PhysicsMolecular Dynamics in Jahn Teller DistortionI
41Caroline Pitches, Kylie Jackson, Mary Coy WoodrumDr. Andrew Dolby, BiologyA Pilot Study on the Impact of Riparian Restoration Along the Rappahannock River in Belle Isle State Park on Wildlife Biodiversity.I
42Delaney HumphreyDr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyLong Range PCR for Generation of Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH) ProbesI
43Hudson McNerneyDr. Parrish Waters, BiologyThe Effect of Social Isolation on Orexin Production  and Hedonic Drive in Female MiceI
44Ashlyn Rauch
Kayla Rodriguez, Sarah White
Dr. Ginny Morriss, BiologyAssessing progression of muscle phenotypes in an adult-onset model of myotonic dystrophy in Drosophila melanogasterI
45Aleksandra WitkowskiDr. Brad Lamphere, BiologyThe correlation between fish length and pass numberC